Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Lovely Valentine's Bouquet

This Saturday morning, Kevin went to go pick up our weekly box of organic produce. He drives about 15 minutes to a park in Sunland where tons of other families gather round a delivery truck that drops off organic produce just picked the day before from small farms in Central California.

We get the most scrumptious vegetables and fruits, all of them locally grown and seasonal, and it's always fun to see what kinds of dinners we'll have from the bounty of the land. Not only is the produce totally delicious, we've learned that they are more nutrient-dense than commercially grown produce. Plus it's cheap. Like, $33 for a big box that we can hardly finish, and we eat tons of fruits and vegetables for lunch and dinner. Beats going to Wholefoods or Trader Joe's anytime! if you're interested.

Here's a handful of artichokes that we got, which I thought made a lovely Valentine's bouquet! :) Kevin wants to consume them soon, steamed and them dipped in mayonnaise.

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