Saturday, April 4, 2009

33 Weeks Pregnant

Do I even look bigger than two months ago? Photos don't do justice. I feel HUGE!! Yesterday Kevin and I were just walking around a store, and I had to sit down on a store display chair every 5 minutes or so. The baby feels like it's just going to drop out of me any day now and it's getting harder and harder to do anything.

Speaking of which, we've been a little nervous lately because I have suddenly been having a lot of contractions! The doctor got nervous, too, with the frequency that I have been having them, and he put me on some medicine to slow it down lest I go into preterm labor.

If you think of it, pray for me! I've had to suddenly restrict my activities and now I just spend most of my time either in bed or sitting down. Walking, driving, bending over, and lifting are just agony on the poor uterus, who is now toting around something like a 4 lb. baby.

But the baby is doing just fine! It's happy and content in mommy's belly, and seems to be preparing for a career in dance or acrobatics with the amount of kicker-cising it has scheduled for itself everyday. :) Thank God for that.


  1. kickercising . . . i like it :-)

  2. You still look very petite! Take it easy and rest. Allen & I will pray for you and your baby.