Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cloth Diapering?

A friend of mine has decided to venture into cloth diapering for her baby girl. Besides her, I know one other family who uses cloth diapers for their baby.

Before having our daughter, I had some romantic notion that cloth diapering would be so natural, so environmentally-friendly, so gentle on baby's little bum. There would be less diaper rash, less money spent on disposable diapers, less garbage around the house.

Now that we're 11 days into parenthood, I could honestly care less whether I have to spend hundreds of dollars on disposables, whether our trash cans seem to accumulate heaps of dirty diapers, or honestly, whether our little girl gets diaper rash sometimes. Just get the poo out of our way so the baby stops crying at the top of her lungs while we change her!! I really CANNOT deal with having to wash dirty poo diapers right now. I can hardly deal with changing 10 diapers a day, period.

But I know that once things settle down a bit, when a routine develops and we are getting more than 3 hours of sleep a night, I will want to try cloth diapers.

Several brands have peaked my interest: Gdiapers (Julia Roberts uses these, which is supposed to be some sort of a selling point for the company, I guess), BumGenius (recommended by a friend, Abi), and Gro Baby (recommended by another friend, Helen). They all have these outer "shells" with inserts that are either disposable or washable.

First up in the cloth diapering experiment will be Gro Baby, especially since they are giving away a free sample for blogging mothers!

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