Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Suddenly a Toddler

I walk, I crawl, I wobble here and there! I can go so fast! I like to feel myself zipping down the hallway on two legs. The speed is addicting!

I pick at Grandma's mouth and eyes as she pretends to sleep. I go into crazy giggles when I find out she is only pretending.

I giggle A LOT when it gets late and it's past my bedtime.

Books are my favorite things to look at. That and other babies. I am very interested in little people. They are so small and they are my size.

I like to eat crackers. I just discovered them. I don't want to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner anymore. I just want crackers.

I can't help but smile when I am happy, and everyone thinks it's so funny, especially when my two teeth show through.


  1. Hi Jean! Noelle is so precious! And it was so great seeing you two today. You really are doing such a wonderful job with her. Love you very much.

  2. wow.. when did she get so big?