Saturday, July 16, 2011

Won't Be Just Me Anymore

I love looking at her little face every single day. She's like a doll, but with a soul and spirit - an inquisitive look in her eyes, always. She sometimes is so knowing. I'll chat monologue style, and then say to her, "You know what I mean?" And she gives me the most knowing look in her eyes, like, "Yeah, Mommy, I know..."

My heart is so full these days with just my family of three - husband, daughter, me. We travel light. Really light, especially because Lemon Drop (baby #2) is nice and portable in my womb. Just get up and go! But then I look at Noelle sitting there, all by her lonesome self, filled with so much laughter and enjoying her what-have-you. To multiply this "ha ha ha" sound would surely be so good!


And it won't just be her anymore.

She'll have a little companion - not a big person companion, but a little one. A littler one than her! Snow cones always taste better when you're enjoying them with a sibling.

Two sisters together. What a sweet life.


  1. So it's another girl?! How exciting indeed!

  2. Yeah, it's a girl! I secretly wanted another girl... :)

  3. i love this post jean! so sweet!