Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Noelle,

You are growing up so fast. There are things I want to remember about this first year of your life, images in my mind which I will never forget.

I still remember when you were just a month or two old, when you would wake up crying and I would take that as my cue to feed you. I read from some book that I was supposed to keep you awake at least an hour so that you would fall into a napping schedule. So after I fed you, I put you on my lap, facing me, your little head cradled in my hands. But your eyelids were so heavy, you just couldn't keep it together! Sleep was going to take you, no matter how hard you or I tried. Your arms became limp as old lettuce. During those times we called you the "narco baby" - sometimes you were narcoleptic and other times you were a spasmatic!

I will also always remember how easily startled you were (and are). Thinking that nobody was watching you, you would do all sorts of acrobatics in your crib, singing and talking (baby gibberish) all the meanwhile. Of course I was peaking on you the whole time, and of course I would forget to "approach your crib gently." Just saying "HI NOELLE!" from the door half-cracked would send you into a near heart attack! Please forgive mommy for all those times I scared you and made you cry. Please forgive mommy for that one ridiculous time I decided it was a good idea to vacuum your room during the end of your naptime. It sure woke you up and sent your heart beating ten times as fast as normal. Mommy is such a knucklehead sometimes!

Something that just happened yesterday sent your dad and me into a crazy fit of giggles, and it is also a scene which I will remember always. We were getting ready to go out: I was in the bathroom doing my ugly hair (some parts of it is as short as daddy's hair and it sticks straight up), and I screamed out of frustration. Your dad and I then heard an echo of my scream from your room. You screamed, too! I was the "Marco," you were the "Polo!" Your daddy and I ran to your room out of excitement and found you standing at your safety gate, your eager little face peering over the edge, knuckles white from pulling up to stand. You screamed again, "Ahh!" And then we looked down. Your pants had plain fallen off and were sitting in a puddle at your feet. Mommy didn't realize that you were so skinny and the drawstring on your pants should have been pulled tighter! Of course your pants would fall off when you stood up! Thankfully it happened when you were very young and the laughs we were catapulted into made you smile and giggle, too.

You are our sweet, little girl. We love you so much and can't wait for you to read our letters some day.


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