Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturdays Are Fun Days

The weekends are fun times in the Lee household. So fun in fact that Noelle loses her Monday-Friday routine of taking 2 naps a day. Jean thinks that it is because Noelle gets really excited when I am around and that I play with her more in the early mornings than Jean would.

Today we made the trek to the Westside for my 6 month dental checkup (which was all good), followed by a visit to Feast from the East for some awesome Chinese Chicken Salad. It was supposed to rain today but we didn't see any rainclouds so we headed for our old stomping grounds UCLA! I've been taking classes for a certificate in HR Management from UCLA Extension so I have a parking pass that is valid on nights and weekends (work even pays for it).

We decided that our journey would start out in Ackerman Student Union so Jean could feed her Wetzel's Pretzels craving and so we could see what had changed (which happened to be a lot). It was nice to bring Noelle to campus and to walk around sharing stories about our college days. Jean and I both went to UCLA but we met at church after we'd both graduated. After Ackerman, we cut through Kerkoff and took an elevator so we didn't walk up Bruin Walk

One thing that stood out about this visit was a new understanding of how inconvenient it must be to be handicap since we were limited to using walkways that included ramps and couldn't use the stairs. If you thought going uphill on Bruin Walk was tiring try having to only use ramps designated for wheelchairs (we only experienced Bruin Walk going downhill though). Noelle and I made the trek downhill while Jean took the stairs. While she was waiting a chinese student tried to evangelize to her and invite her to a bible study.

Since Noelle didn't take her 2nd nap she had an early bedtime so Jean and I didn't eat until she was in bed. Tonight's menu was homemade sukiyaki.

Below is a video that we took on a Monday morning on a day that I didn't go to work.

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