Monday, March 2, 2009

To Baby (My 1st Letter)

Dear Baby,

It's still very surreal that you are now in our lives. Mommy and daddy feel like babies ourselves, and having you feels like such a miracle.

I feel you kicking and moving inside my womb. You are about 28 weeks old. It's such a mystery how you came to be - God is truly sovereign in your life. You could have had problems in the first few weeks of life. God could have taken you to heaven while you were yet unformed. But He decided to give you life! You didn't miscarry. Baby, we hardly tried to have you, and here you are!

These days I am mostly wondering where is your head, and where are your feet inside my womb? Will you like eating cheese? Are you a boy or a girl?

I wonder what delivery will be like. What will I feel? What will you feel? What will it be like to nurse you for the first time?

You are such a miracle! How did you happen to us?

I pray that you will come to know and worship the God of the universe, that you will trust Jesus Christ, because, little baby, you will soon find out how much you'll need Him! We are such sinful creatures - welcome to the world!

The truth is, God brought you into the world because He has a plan for you. He wants to make Himself known to you, if you will seek after Him and obey Him.

I will try my best to love you as God would want me to. I will try my best to fear God first and not others.

I love you, Baby!