Wednesday, November 25, 2009

6 months and counting

Somewhere around month 5, it became an absolute joy being Noelle's mom! She's past her stage of constant fussiness and is such a happy, sweet baby these days. Even though she is teething badly and has drool rash all over her mouth, and even though she seems like she is in a lot of pain sometimes, she is generally so fun to be with.

Her favorite things to do throughout the day are being on her belly, scooting around here and there, getting up on all fours, getting into things. She's sort of like, excuse the analogy, a little puppy! She paws at things, including my leg, and she'll put everything within reach straight into her mouth. Yesterday she held a miniature mouse (a finger puppet) in her teeth for quite awhile. It still makes me smile when I think about it.

In terms of feeding, she's now moved to the next level - solids! The doctor said that she is one of the more active babies that she's seen and is burning off a lot of calories. She said that I can step up the amount of food I offer her. So far, Noelle has had avocado, pureed pears, carrots, butternut squash, and her new favorite, yams! It's fun to watch her open her little mouth for "more" - and all the "ahhhhhs" (as in, "ahhh" open your mouth) make lunch and dinnertime such amusing activities.

She often needs to rub her face - her teeth hurt? her nose itches? she's tired? - and guess where all the yam ends up. Not just on her chin anymore but all over her hair and face and clothes and highchair!