Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Inside the head of a 5 month old

Today I placed Noelle on the bed, propped up on some pillows, while I used the restroom. It was a quick bathroom break, but I still needed to keep an eye on her since she's now gotten in the habit of rolling as a means of transportation. I played peekaboo with the door open - several times, mind you. She saw me appear in the doorway, then disappear, then reappear, then disappear, etc.

Then I paused for maybe two seconds, did the "PEEKABOO!" thing, showing myself, and she literally screamed (her baby scream) out of being startled so abruptly.

I was amused. You would think that she would've caught onto the game, but no, she was actually surprised that I could appear out of nowhere.

Lately she's so easily startled. Just the sight of me, if I don't approach her crib with loud footsteps or my voice to warn her that I'm coming, will cause her to jump in her skin - oftentimes with a gasp. Then she will cry, baby language for "You scared me, Mommy!"

What's even funnier is that while she is nursing, she will occasionally lose her latch and make a loud suction noise, at which point she jumps in her skin, being startled by herself!

I sometimes wonder what she is thinking, what her little brain is capable of understanding. Sometimes I underestimate her, thinking that she doesn't understand a single word I say. But in reality she is already able to cry, "Mama" and I'm pretty sure she knows what I mean when I tell her not to pull my hair (she lets go on command). But then sometimes I think I overestimate her. She is, after all, only 5 months out of the womb. I gave her some rice cereal yesterday and she threw it up in the middle of the night - she is still so young she can't even digest a tablespoon of cooked rice meal!

At the dinner table, she has lately started to lean forward, arms and little hands reaching towards the table, wanting to grasp the glass cup, the fork, the bowl. She will open her mouth until I put a spoon in her mouth - she just won't quit! She gobbled down the rice cereal and the pears I've been spoon feeding her and wanting more after I say, "All done; no more!" I wonder if she is truly hungry, or is she just wanting to be like one of the adults?

If only babies could talk...