Wednesday, July 27, 2011

As we sit down to share a meal

Noelle is trowelling tiny, cut-up spaghetti into her small mouth.

" good," she says. Pure, heart untainted, pleasure expressed.

She's enjoying her meal and so am I.

Then suddenly, "I love you, Mommy. Thank you."

Then she wants to thank God for all sorts of things. For the spaghetti. For the chair. The water. The playdough. So as we shovel spaghetti into our mouths, we punctuate our eating with "Thank you, God, for the delicious food...for Hello Kitty...for Gummy Bears..."

When the spaghetti runs out, I get up to pull strawberries out of the fridge, and Noelle says, "Pray [for] Mommy." She folds her little hands and says, "Dear God. Thank you [for] Mommy."

My heart explodes into a million dots of fiery lights.

I am thankful, too, dear Child. And dear God, I am thankful to You for all that you've given me and continue to give me.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Won't Be Just Me Anymore

I love looking at her little face every single day. She's like a doll, but with a soul and spirit - an inquisitive look in her eyes, always. She sometimes is so knowing. I'll chat monologue style, and then say to her, "You know what I mean?" And she gives me the most knowing look in her eyes, like, "Yeah, Mommy, I know..."

My heart is so full these days with just my family of three - husband, daughter, me. We travel light. Really light, especially because Lemon Drop (baby #2) is nice and portable in my womb. Just get up and go! But then I look at Noelle sitting there, all by her lonesome self, filled with so much laughter and enjoying her what-have-you. To multiply this "ha ha ha" sound would surely be so good!


And it won't just be her anymore.

She'll have a little companion - not a big person companion, but a little one. A littler one than her! Snow cones always taste better when you're enjoying them with a sibling.

Two sisters together. What a sweet life.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Spicy Peaches

She insists that these plums are peaches and that they are "spicy." You mean, sour? "Spicy!"

And on the way to the library today, she exclaimed, "So excited!" She's also developed this high-pitched falsetto laugh that she uses to fluff up her delight at things. "So excited: ha HA ha!"

My days are filled with laughter - mostly Noelle and her little voice, "ha ha ha!" everywhere we go.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Learning to See and Name Gifts

I've been inspired to open my eyes and see not what I want but what I have.

I didn't realize that so much of what I think about and journal about (in my private journal) relate to the future. I am always dreaming about future projects and goals. It's not necessarily a bad thing, since the ability to have vision for the future can be a great motivator in life. And, plus, creative people must, by definition, have a visionary mindset. They must be able to see or envision what does not yet exist.

But I also want to be a joyful person filled to the brim with gratitude for the things that surround me every day. I really want to see every blessing from God and not miss it.

So I must learn to take the time and see the blessings, to name them, to count them, and to record them.

I plan on reading the book One Thousand Gifts: Learning to See and Name Them by Ann Voskamp, once it becomes available at the library. That's the book whose quotes are inspiring me. I'm sixth in line, so it won't be until a few months from now...but I'm so happy to be able to read free books at the library!

Until then, I'm starting my record of one thousand gifts right away, because gratitude and joy start the moment I think of a gift He's given. I think I will kick it off here, and post occasionally some highlights from my journal. Without further ado...These are the gifts I have been given:

1. The privilege of borrowing virtually any book I wish to read from the library

2. Having a view of trees, flowers, animals and people from our dining table every mealtime

3. Successful potty training with Noelle

4. The cool, night breezes of summertime in Los Angeles

5. Hearing Noelle say, "I love you" and "Goodnight" every night before bed

I encourage you to read the blog post that inspired me to thankfulness. It's truly uplifting, especially if you struggle with getting discouraged in the daily grind of life, like me. Some days I can't see past the dirty dishes and runny noses, the diapers, the laundry, the fatigue. But my spirit has been so refreshed today by the simple practice of gratitude! I am excited to become a more grateful woman.