Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Kitchen, BEFORE

It's very good the kitchen in this house is ugly and broken. There's no place to put a refrigerator here (how did the previous owners live?), most of the base cabinets are free-standing and roll around, there is nowhere to hook up the dishwasher and the kitchen sink does not work. Hmm. 

But, yay for me! It has been a secret life of mine to daydream about a kitchen that I could one day design, specify and install. 

Here's a view of the kitchen side. Somebody had previously knocked down a wall (you can see the ceiling transition from popcorn to smooth). So thanks for doing that. But as for the rest, what were you people THINKING? 

Here's a view of the dining side. Not sure what the chandelier placement is all about. But there's a fireplace in the dining area and I like that the dining is open to the kitchen. 

Kitchen planning here we go!!

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